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My first experience of Pilates was during my second year of dance training following a serious back injury. I worked closely with Pilates instructors and Physiotherapists to build up my strength, and after two years, was accepted into Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance. Three years later, I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree.

My experience of injury within training has made me keenly aware of the importance of mindful physical practise and overall well-being. The practice I now teach is directly informed by what I have learnt through these experiences.

I believe that our quality of life can improve dramatically when we start listening to our bodies and treating them kindly, whether you want to run a marathon or just simply be pain free again!

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Rehab Pilates



This class is rehabilitative in style with a slower pace. Focusing on stabilising and strengthening to ease pain and/or discomfort caused by injuries. Focusing more specifically on lower back/hips and upper back/shoulder issues.

Intermediate Pilates

Wednesday & Friday


If you are experienced in pilates and wish to be challenged, this is the class for you! Working through general strengthening and lengthening, with a few “spicy” extras to push yourselves!

Ante-natal Pilates



For the beautiful mamas, no previous experience needed but a Private 1:1 is recommended beforehand. Opening up the chest and upper back, working through pelvic floor muscles and improving general stability. These classes are tailored to help you prepare as you grow & change!


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