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"Enchanting Welsh woodlands"

 Journeying to the enchanting Welsh woodlands, inviting the archetype of the Greek Goddess, Persephone, as we descend into hidden realms where she reigns as Sovereign Queen.


"I truly believe Ria and Mila have such a unique way to lead something like this, gently and fiercely. I learned a lot from their immense knowledge and wisdom. I felt safe to really give in to the experience."

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Location: Carmarthen, Wales, UK

Penpynfarch is a 28 acre secluded smallholding, tucked away in the rolling Welsh hills of Carmarthenshire, a wild place holding tight to its mythic history.

Ancient oaks stand tall in the deciduous woodland on the banks of the valley which holds at its heart, a spring fed lake encompassed by the river Gwyddil. It is here, in a clearing, where we hold camp for connection and prayer, surrounded by rich nature which has lived here for time immemorial.

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  • Sound Journey

  • Persephone's Myth and The Mother Goddess by Historian Dr. Carla Ionescu.

  • Persephone Movement Healing

  • 16 hour solo forest Vigil

  • Purifcation Lodge

  • Herbal Bath

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Rewild with our 16 hour Solo Forest Vigil

A collectively experienced, solo vigil in the Welsh Forest of Carmarthenshire. We will each be finding our personal Guardian Tree that will serve as our anchors through this quest.  Time will be offered to regather at our basecamp, in order to restrengthen our intentions before returning for our final hours. 

The Purfication Lodge

The Purifcation Lodge, also known as a Sweatlodge or Cabana, is intended as a Spiritual Reunion. A calling back of our original connection to the Earth, as well as a means for purging toxins from our physical and emotional body.

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"An intimate gathering for Soul Seekers"

Every aspect of a Sweatlodge ceremony, from the construction, to the intentions offered is imbued with shamanic symbolism.

Chanting, drumming, and meditation empowers participants to surrender, overcoming physical discomfort and frustrations, to find their inner strength.

Shamanism can provide profound purification, and empowering tools to help us gain clarity in this new landscape before us

There are four main dimensions that we encounter inside the Cabana;



Cleansing through sweating and releasing muscle tensions.

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Frees the mind of burdens, offers clarity, lightness & insights.

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Expression of repressed emotions, fears, and anxiety.

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Introspection, connection to Nature, the ancestors and intuitive world.

Past Events

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