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"Untamed and wise..."

This journey offers a sacred space for our untamed and wise selves, all parts seen and held by a trusting community, experienced facilitators and Nature herself.


'The skill of the facilitation has been exceptional. Mila and Ria skilfully offered guidance that allowed for a deep, broad awareness imbued with a sense of the sacred and a sense of purpose and urgency that lent itself brilliantly to the undertaking of important inner work. It managed to also be light, friendly and gentle."

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Location: Gillingham, Dorset

A deeply nourishing retreat hosted at the luxurious estate Heartland, in the tranquil county of Dorset.

Light and airy bedrooms for participants, with cosy communal areas including a grand fireplace.


Pristine gardens with a beautiful lake for wild swimming and a platform for meditation.

The Sweatlodge

The Sweatlodge, also known as a Purification Lodge or Cabana, is intended as a Spiritual Reunion. A calling back of our original connection to the Earth, as well as a means for purging toxins from our physical and emotional body.

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"An intimate gathering for Soul Seekers"

Every aspect of a Sweatlodge ceremony, from the construction, to the intentions offered is imbued with shamanic symbolism.

Chanting, drumming, and meditation empowers participants to surrender, overcoming physical discomfort and frustrations, to find their inner strength.

Shamanism can provide profound purification, and empowering tools to help us gain clarity in this new landscape before us

There are four main dimensions that we encounter inside the Cabana;



Cleansing through sweating and releasing muscle tensions.

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Frees the mind of burdens, offers clarity, lightness & insights.

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Expression of repressed emotions, fears, and anxiety.

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Introspection, connection to Nature, the ancestors and intuitive world.

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