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Recycled Paper

“One of the best treatments I've had, and I've had a lot! It's obvious Mila is very experienced and knows exactly where and how to work on the right spots. I will 100% book again! Thank you"


Targeted deep tissue massage with warm bamboo rolling, trigger point and stretch therapy combined to release knotted and overworked muscles. Add an extra 30minutes for a full body treatment.

Ideal for releasing desk bound related tension and restorative for active lifestyles.

Firm pressure.


Based on Biodynamic Massage principles to reset the nervous system. Long and relaxing strokes including a lifting facial and scalp massage with the aid of tri-mineral Kansa domes.

Ideal for unwinding and perfect for stress, insomnia and anxiety relief.

Mild-moderate pressure.


Gaia Radiance

Pregnancy massage assists in removing the discomfort often experienced such as water retention, fatigue and back pain. Hands on treatments are also known to contribute towards a smoother labour process.

Ideal during second and third trimester.

Light-mild pressure.

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