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'Ria is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge of the human body is overwhelming...she always has the best ways to help understand what you need to do. I am in a completely different place with my body since I met her, and I’m really grateful to have her in my life'



A multi-dimensional, healing modality that works with one's energetic field. Through spoken exchange and [mostly] hands-off treatment, the gaps in this field are sought out, with the intention of recovering and healing these aspects. Reiki requires a willingness to dive into a deeper and more profound relationship with the unseen parts of yourself.

The use of smudging tools, crystals, bowls or chimes may be utilised.


Body Mapping


A blend of reiki and remedial pilates that seeks to discover contributing factors behind chronic injuries and postural habits. Body mapping strives to identify the thought patterns, emotions and beliefs that often stand in the way of rehabilitative progress.

Spoken exchange, as well as meditative or rehabilitative exercises are to be expected. Energetic healing is mostly hands off unless deemed necessary. Manual therapy is not a part of this treatment.

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Shamanic Healing

This intuitive therapy brings forth one's innate wisdom and the unearthing of unconscious patterns and symbols. A journey guided through light drumming, focused bodywork and other healing tools inspired by ancient practices.

Shamanic Healing includes a drumming journey, massage and other shamanic healing tools to activate one's inherent wisdom. 

Mila's work is informed by the guidance of Shaman Alba Maria passed down to her through 18 years of rigorous initiations in Peru, Brazil and Europe. Mila is a Cabana guardian (sweat-lodge).


Please note: These forms of intuitive therapy are complementary and should be experienced alongside a registered mental health councillor, therapist or doctor in severe cases. Ria and Mila's role as practitioners and space holders are to guide, and the responsibility of the healing journey lies with the client.

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