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Ria and Mila met in 2019 at a retreat in Somerset, through their Teacher and Mentor, XamAM Alba Maria. Their devotion to their Spiritual practices and shared curiosity in the mind-body relationship, was the basis of their friendship. Through conferences, Indigenous Art exhibitions and Sweatlodge collaborations, Ria and Mila discovered a harmonious synergy in their exchange and Sacred Motion emerged.

As well as their massage and healing therapies, Ria and Mila strive to shed light on Indigenous Rights and environmental issues. In 2019, Mila, alongside Amazonian chiefs, initiated a stand outside the Brazilian Embassy to protest against the Amazon wildfires. This activism is an important part of Sacred Motion's work and they continue to raise funds and awareness on such issues, in particular for the Terra Mirim Foundation, Bahia, Brazil.

About Ria

Ria is a qualified Reiki master, a remedial Pilates instructor and a professional dancer. She founded Sacred Motion in 2016 with the intention to establish a method of working that went beyond her job titles. Ria has weaved her practices to offer Intuitive Body Mapping as well as Reiki healing. Body Mapping seeks to discover the emotional contributing factors behind chronic injuries and postural habits.

Having suffered from various chronic and acute injuries herself, Ria began her Reiki master training over 7 years ago whilst training in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She graduated with a First Class Honours Degree and went on to complete her qualifications in BASI’s Global Comprehensive Pilates Program. She has been fortunate to train in Clinical Pilates with physiotherapists and advance with Pilates for the Older Client (BASI), and Ante-natal and post-natal Pilates (APPI).

Through her work, Ria strives to provide treatment that draws its wisdom from ancient practices as well as the science behind the mind-body connection. Ria is fully insured and a member of the CThA.

About Mila

Mila is the co-founder of Sacred Motion and a resident therapist at Six Physio, boasting over ten years of expertise in bodywork, biodynamic massage, and shamanic practices.

With a rich background in biodynamic massage, Mila possesses a unique ability to attentively listen to the body's signals and customize her treatments to cater to the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the client.

She relieves overworked muscles using deep tissue, trigger point, soft tissue release and acupressure techniques. To complement the therapeutic journey, Mila incorporates specific aromatic blends, guided breath-work, and organic botanical products.


Continuously dedicated to her professional growth, Mila is currently pursuing a postgraduate training in psychotherapy at the Psychosynthesis Trust. Additionally, she facilitates exclusive nature-based retreats, providing clients with transformative experiences beyond the treatment room.


Mila is fully insured and a member of the CThA and ABMT.

Mila's intuitive work has been profoundly influenced by the guidance of Shaman Alba Maria, a Brazilian psychologist and medicine woman, with whom she has undergone 18 years of rigorous initiations in Peru, Brazil, and Europe. As a seasoned Sweat Lodge (Cabana) guardian, Mila brings the wisdom and depth of indigenous earth-based practices into her ceremonies, creating an enriching and transformative experience for the participants.

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