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About Sacred Motion

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sacred motion

Sacred Motion was founded by Ria Rucinska in 2016, expanding in 2020 to collaborate with Mila Ribeiro. We are a London based, LGBTQ+, female-led company that draws its wisdom from ancient practices whilst holding relevance for modern society.


We are two experienced practitioners offering a multi-layered and integrated approach to deep healing through massage, reiki, sweat-lodges and shamanic retreats. This approach permeates our work both as individuals, as well as within our retreats.


What we offer

sacred motion Massage
Integrative Bodywork
Reiki Healing sacred motion
Intuitive Therapies
Shamanic retreat sacred motion
the movement studio sacred motion

The Movement Studio

3 Drayton Park

1st & 2nd Floors

London, England

N5 1NU

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Sacred Motion

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